What I offer

One-to-one Psychotherapy/Counselling

I offer a warm, caring and welcoming environment. We will work together to explore your feelings, thoughts and behaviours while identifying patterns or decisions formed early in childhood. We will also explore their impact upon the present. Together in this journey of healing we will find the meaning of your experience and work through the difficulties at your own pace.

We all carry psychological baggage of a lifetime on our shoulders and sometimes this extra weight causes problems in our present. This happens because there are unresolved or unprocessed issues that need to be acknowledged, faced and ultimately embraced. For me the process of therapy is like reorganising a wardrobe; we open the doors, look inside, make a list of what we have and want to keep and what we are ready to throw away, then take everything out, sort out and put back in. But this time in a different less messy and more conscious order.

The process may take a while and it is easier to work through with the support of a caring nurturing therapist, who will challenge that part of you that is controlling and judgmental of every choice you make. A therapist who will give space, time and a voice to that part of you that is hurt or angry or confused.

Bilingual/ Bicultural

I am a bilingual/bicultural individual, born and raised in Greece, living in Birmingham for the past 9 years. I am interested in the difficulties you may encounter after having left your country behind and are now pursuing a new life here. It takes most of us a while to find our feet and our place in this society. The process becomes a little harder when we keep seeing in the here and now the same relationships or people we decided to leave behind. Together we can explore and work through the ‘ghosts’ that followed you all the way here. Sometimes it is also difficult to feel that we belong, sometimes even in our own family and later again in the country we chose to call home.


I have found mindfulness to be a very useful tool in my daily life. I embed a few breathing meditation practices in my work when the need arises and if you are willing to try it. Learning to meditate can help with sleeping difficulties, anxiety and staying in the moment.

What can I help you with?

I have experience working within a variety of areas. Underlying issues often manifest themselves in the form of anxiety, depression or anger. Others may involve bereavement and loss, abuse or bullying. Other areas I deal with are low self-esteem, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), work-related stress, loneliness, miscarriage, redundancy, post-natal depression and hoarding. My area of expertise lies in trauma, PTSD, relationship issues and identity.

In a caring environment, we will travel back to your experience, explore and identify exactly what it meant to you. Our therapeutic relationship will offer you a different experience, that will question and educate that judgemental part of you. It will allow space, time and a voice to the vulnerable child in you that needs to be seen, heard and validated.